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Enjoy the Pizza Party

Pizza Party

The Ruatti family is happy to invite its guests to a fun Pizza Party to get together and enjoy having fun as a group! This is what we propose:

  • Bruschetta with garlic and oil and Bruschetta with tomato
  • Sliced Cinta Senese pork
  • Plain focaccia and focaccia with onions (baked in the old wood stove)
  • Margherita pizza, Neapolitan pizza, pizza with prosciutto and mushrooms, peperoni pizza, and cheese and arugula pizza
  • Schiacciata con patate (Potato bread)
  • Schiacciata all’uva fragola (Florentine grape bread)
  • White and red local Montelopio wines
  • Biscotti with Vin Santo, coffee, Limoncello lemon liqueur

All inclusive!

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